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What Does It Cost To Refinish a Bathtub?

Depending on your bathtub style and size, the cost is most often between $400-$500. If your tub has been previously refinished or painted, the price will increase by approximately 25%.


Why Would I Refinish My Tub if I Can Buy a New Bathtub Cheaper?

The initial cost of purchasing a new bathtub is less. However, the real cost is incurred when trying to install that tub. Removing the old tub and replacing it means damaging the surrounding walls, floor and changing existing plumbing. The overall cost of installing a new bathtub is far more than just the initial purchase price of the bathtub itself.

Can I Change the Colour of My Bathtub?

Yes, we can change any fixture colour from whatever colour it is to any colour you would want.


Do I Refinish My Tub Before or After My Other Renovations?

Bathtub refinishing should always be completed after any renovations thus avoiding the possibility of damaging the new finish. It also allows us to repair any damage that may be caused during your renovations when it is done.


What Must I Do To Prepare To Have My Tub Refinished?

What we require is as clean and dust-free an environment as possible. Simply give the tub and bathroom a good cleaning and remove all your general bathroom items (shampoo bottles, hairdryers, towels) for the day. You must also make sure that your taps are not dripping. If they are, the work cannot be completed.

How Long Will It Take You To Refinish Our Bathtub?

It takes our technicians anywhere between 5-8 hours to complete all of our processes, depending on the condition of the tub. Then you must wait the appropriate dry time for the material you have chosen to cure.


Do I Have To Take Out the Drain To Have the Tub Refinished?

No, you don't. Built-in style tubs require it to be in, so the water we use in the process can drain. It makes no difference with footed tubs as we can catch this water in containers below the drain hole.


Do I Have To Remove My Shower Doors and Tracks Before Having My Tub Refinished?

We require the doors themselves to be temporarily removed, but the track itself can stay.


Are the Chemicals You Use During the Process Harmful in Any Way?

During the application process, you should not be close to the work area without protection. However, once cured, the finish is not harmful to either persons or the environment.


How Do I Clean My Newly Refinished Tub?

You can use any general liquid cleaner and soft scrubbing pads if required. But be sure not to use any cleaner with grit, as they scratch the finish.

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